Business Plan Template
Every business needs a plan! Use this Business Plan Template to get started with yours today.  This template will assist you in creating the perfect business plan for your business. It contains 45 pages work pages to make sure you are...
The Business Itinerary eBook: A Roadmap To Creating Your Online Business
Do you need help with starting your online business? This eBook will show you step by step how to get it done.  This eBook features chapters on the following topics: How To Create A Business Plan How To Build The Brand...
Black Friday Prep Worksheets
Are you ready for Black Friday? This worksheet will help you determine the purpose of your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales and the type of sale you plan to run. Checklist for Sales, Marketing, Website Prep and Email Prep are...
Book A Strategy Session "Pick My Brain"
This One on One Strategy Session will focus on your needs. In this session, we will cover whatever you need to get your personal brand or business to the next level. Whether it's marketing, content creation, assistance with finding a vendor,...
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