Award-winning serial entrepreneur Destiny Adams is a trailblazing content creator and influencer in the business, tech, and beauty industries. For the past three years, Destiny has been one of the go-to YouTube influencers for businesses looking to announce new business and technological developments that will improve the earnings and business operations of her audience. She is a prime example of what it means to connect the culture with the latest cutting-edge technology. As a traveling content creator and YouTube professional, Destiny quickly gained international recognition. This paved the way for partnerships with some of today’s most innovative business solutions such as Amazon and 

Inspiration from experience is a defining feature of Destiny's personal brand. Destiny is a college graduate and army veteran that appreciates the value of giving back to the community. She uses her platforms to give details about her processes and evolution.  She develops materials to instruct, assist and mentor people in transforming their experiences into prosperous businesses.

Destiny takes pride in her philanthropy work through her foundation, The Destiny M Adams Foundation, where she mentors children and teens who aspire to launch their own business. 

Her Destination Hair, formerly known as Destite Hair Collection, was founded by Destiny in 2015. She launched her first Hair Extension Boutique a year after she originally started her business. The major focus of Destiny's hair business has remained travel. Destiny uses travel to broaden her understanding of business practices around the world. Destiny traveled to hair companies in  China, Mexico, Dubai, and Cuba, to mention a few. In 2019, Destiny took a trip to China to source products and learn more about international trade. In 2023, Destiny made the decision to close Her Destination Hair to focus solely on teaching other's about the beauty industry.

To date, Destiny has been featured on CNBC’s Millenial Money, received a Special Tribute from the State of Michigan for her business practices, named a 40 under 40 business leader in her community and has won several business pitch competitions.

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